Our Valentine Greeting - "The Way of the Heart"


We do so pray that these “Precious Words of Inspirational Grace”, - given in response to our world-wide prayer link, may bring a “Valentine Greeting” with open heart and open mind in harmony and grace to restore “heart” to humanity.


Allow your heart to open wide, and expand
so that love and compassion flow freely out
to the Universe and those around you.

In the safe environment of prayer,
allow your heart to fully open,
as though Angel hands are gently easing away
the tight walls with which you have enclosed
your heart.

With an open heart you will be more deeply
aware of those in need
and will sense and experience the spiritual gifts
of joy, peace, love and abundance
so much more.

The “Way of the Heart” is the way forward
for mankind, and all aspects of living
must have heart!

Let this be your work…..
to restore Heart to Humanity

We are happy for you to share our Greetings Valentine with all dear ones in love and light.

All Blessings


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