World-Wide Prayer Link Response,
Sanctuary, Shoreline, 10th July 2009
“The Well of Love and Light”

We opened in healing for dear Margaret with the “Universal Crystal Resonating Rosarys” set in the New Centrifugal Pattern. We began, with washing our hands, and preparing quietly and using the Blessings Quintessence of the New Millenium of Love and Light,- (the Violet Flame and Unconditional Love), as given through the Revelation of the Mother Divine.

In prayerfulness, and placing my hands over Margaret’s head and gently around her auric field, I asked through the Grace of the Mother Divine, through the Holy Spirit, and Love of God, healing would flow through for dear Margaret – (recently having undergone her operation for cancer).

Margaret’s response, while standing beside the set of twelve Crystal Rosarys in the Resonating ‘whirl-like’ pattern……..She said, “I saw great swirls of vivid colours – like a whirlpool, scintillating every colour supremely clear and bright”. She was told the words, ”The deepness of the healing water – the Well of Love – Core Centre of God’s love.” Different colours being drawn into the Well, felt hotter and hotter, as deeper and deeper. Like a great spinning-top of Energy being drawn deep, deep in the centre, ‘deep as the ocean’, as she was told. Every colour clear and bright, blue, orange, green, faster and faster. Margaret said “I can absorb the healing rays, wonderful – truly wonderful.” And then, wondrously Margaret spoke out in Tongues…..

Later, after our deep prayerfulness and now sitting in deep meditation, having called on the most Holy Ones, for “Moments of Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes of Prayer,” whilst opening and sending sincere love and light to the whole world, as a great healing balm, from the heart, here in the Sanctuary, Shoreline.

Later, Margaret related “The whirlpool is creating a great vacuum of love – reflection of God’s Love for us – humanity, to draw people of the world closer to the Lord. Absorbing vacuum, tighter than an embrace, so powerful and pure. A protection to engulf people. – Tornado of goodness – power pack of Divine Energy, yet calm and still within, well centred. –
‘New Beginnings’.

In the Beginning, God Created, now a New Creation – a new start! Pure colours so extraordinarily glowing – pure glory – vibrant , as an Angel’s Energy in each colour. New – Brand New – new start. As God’s promise of a New Beginning, symbolic. (We both became very, very hot), Margaret sensed such intense heat,- yet calm and still, well centred -

God’s Core, drawn into, engulfed - Reflection of His Love!
It is the New Beginning. God’s promise of a New Beginning!”

Speaking afterwards, Margaret said she could see how these Divine Energies coming from the
“Well of Love and Light” could be used for distant, absent healing, drawing on certain colours as needed, for condition. Amazingly beautiful like jewel colours, flashing out so bright and alive, giving inner strength and yet calm in deep stillness within, peace perfect harmony.

- Dear Margaret had arrived very under par, strained and stressed –now leaving very calm within and a sense of Wellbeing…….Peace in Perfect Harmony.

All is well.
Thanks be to God.


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