In Wonder and Awe and Gratitude

With the kind invitation of the owners of the previous ‘Sanctuary’, I was delighted to be able to gather with gifted spiritual friends who joined with me from the UK, to celebrate ‘Universal Crystal Rosary Day’.

This being the birthplace of these “Jewels of Heaven” as given in the Revelation by the Mother Divine, to bring “Unity in Compassion to the world”, we were especially grateful to be here on this most special occasion. We were met with the Divine Energy of Angels that immediately touched us deeply. The sense of peace and beauty of nature with the abundance of this beautiful little garden in full bloom, with birds singing and bees buzzing and devas present added to the great sense of heart-full-ness.

As we settled in prayerfulness in deep gratitude, sensing again the wonderful spiritual grace, we remembered so many rituals and sacred ceremonies over the many years, when so many hundreds of people came and sensed harmony in their Being, “well being”, and left uplifted and renewed. Indeed, we were also deeply touched by the enormity of help given by the Heavenly Realms in years gone by and sensed again the depth of love that still prevails.

Truly I began to feel quite overwhelmed with the power and the glory and in my heart, prayerfully gave thankfulness. After a while, there was a great vortex of energy gathering potency all around me, sensed by those present. I was then asked to kneel, overlighted by a great Angel in a blessing for further soul and spiritual grace for the further Sacred Journey ahead.

We stayed on, bathed in this wondrous grace, but then it was time to leave, feeling some sadness.
However, we are aware that there will indeed be, the ‘Greater Sanctuary’ allowing more Divine Energy to bring in extraordinary help to humanity, bringing the richness of spiritual grace in joy and re-new-all to the many, many more who will be drawn to experience this grace and who will, in turn, connect with many to help others along ‘the Way’.

So, there is a great sense of still more to come, knowing with our hearts and minds, deeply aware with the confirmation that the ‘Greater Sanctuary’ will indeed manifest, and we can look forward in Joy and Re-new-all!

Further, - June 24th Midsummer’s Day - “Spiritual Awareness Day”

With this growing sense of the manifestation of the ‘Greater Sanctuary’ prevailing, we are aware of a great support team in the Heavenly Realms giving great assistance, firstly on etheric level and then finally to bring all, as a “Heaven on Earth”, here in Jersey, Channel Islands. This is the focal point of this year’s Spiritual Awareness Day Celebrations for there is a known response-ability, in creating the ‘Greater Sanctuary’. This will indeed bring a great Communication Pulse of Divine Energy of healing grace and harmony for humanity, bringing into being and seemingly now, urgently needed vibrations for ‘Mankind as Kind-Man’ issuing out on a worldwide scale.

We invite you all to link each Friday 11 a.m in the Concept of the World-Wide Prayer Link.

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

With All Blessings, Sanctuary, Shoreline


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