The Sanctuary Work

What/where is “The Sanctuary”?
“An appointed place will be found to be dedicated for the work to be given”. This was the directive given by The Mother Divine, Mother Mary. I was chosen to be used as an Emissary in Her devotional work to bring peace on earth. “The Sanctuary” as a place is situated in Jersey, Channel Islands, of extraordinary deep peace and tranquillity. “The Sanctuary” - as the work - is simply dedicated as the Divine purpose of the Mother Divine, centred in my heart to assist in being of service in a devoted lifetime.

What is the purpose of the Work?
Initially through prayer to be used as a spiritual healer “In the Name of God and through the gracious Intercession of the Mother Divine”, as given by The Mother Divine, to give peace and calm to those stressed and strained on a physical, mental and emotional level, and for “The Sanctuary” to become the place for such work.

How did this progress?
Through prayer and in response from the Mother Divine, the work continues “from heart to heart”. Spiritual awareness is growing in the “Way of the Heart”.

What other work followed?
Later, the Revelation through the Mother Divine was given here at “The Sanctuary” for the New Crystal Coloured Rosary to be created for this unfolding New Golden Age, precisely at this time, to assist attunement/harmony with Higher Dimensions of the Spiritual Realms in this pioneering work.

How is this work still progressing?

More work is continuing to unfold through the knowledge given by the Higher Realms under the direction of the Mother Divine. Through prayer and meditation, in groups held at “The Sanctuary” and linking in our weekly “World-Wide Prayer Link”, new insight and inspiration continues to this day to be given.

What possibilities are yet to unfold?
Certainly, the work is growing on a vast scale, with dedicated helpers, coming in to assist on many levels, purely out of knowing in truth that this is a universal spirituality, not of any one denomination, and is being given and directed through the Mother Divine, essentially to bring unity for the world in peace. It is understood that a greater Sanctuary is being built from the working foundations already undertaken and a larger dedicated site will be manifesting for this ongoing Divine Purpose, here in Jersey. The Jersey Lily and Rose are given as the Emblems for this work-

“Unity in Compassion through the Awesome Expression of Love”


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