Please join us for our special world-wide prayer link each Friday at 11:00 GMT, and most especially on Midsummer's Day- Spiritual Awareness Day.

The Purpose of this web site is to assist in the spiritual unfoldment of humanity to a higher consciousness of Being for the common good. - Linking in Love and Light, assisted by the Holy Hierarchy and around the whole world, on most momentous levels, by transmitting and receiving through prayerfullness, spiritual insight, healing wisdom and understanding.

In this Spiritual Awareness attuned in the Way of the Heart, prayerfully, we are assured of a great flourishing in continued response, in assistance from the Higher Realms with Amazing Grace

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NEW! Blessed Radiance - H’ope’n Heart is given at this time, for all is coming together in the great dynamic of Divine Energy, to bring Love and Light to our Earth here and now, in the ‘‘Aperture of Revelation’’ in this place and around the world, – and thence out to the Cosmos.

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In the Quietness

In the quietness of this Moment
Breathe deeply
And give thanks for your breath
For it is the very essence of life.
Give thanks for your life
For it is a wondrous gift.

In the quietness of this Moment
Receive God’s Love
Deep into your heart.
Feel the warmth and peace
Seep into your very being
For it is Divine Healing.

In the quietness of this Moment
Send Love outwards
With your own out-breathing
To those in need both near and far
For in the giving and sharing
The great circle of life flows

My Very Dearest Ones Truly we are absolutely delighted to be back ‘’on-line’, so to speak!

Due to many difficulties along the way, we were unable to post our on-going prayer-link, - although all was contained here in ‘the Sanctuary’ during all this time, with many responses given far and beyond our hopes and expectations.

We would like and welcome back many dear old friends, who followed the ‘Way of the Heart’ over past very many years – together with finding many new contacts, to share all that unfolds in Love and Light.

All is well, indeed all is very well! Our loving thoughts and prayers to all our loving fellow Soul-family. With all Blesssing

Maureen Rose

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