Actively Transmitting and Receiving Universal Divine Energy as the Music of the Spheres!

Divinely conceived, Universal in Love and Light!

All virtues melding on an unprecedented scale to resonate together with the Heavenly Realms unfolding Greater Mysteries of Being, through Amazing Grace.

In the beginning....The Concept of the Crystal Sanctuary:-

Assisting great endeavor on most momentous levels, by transmitting and receiving through prayerfulness, spiritual truth in insight, healing, wisdom, compassion and understanding - raising the consciousness in a great Liberation of Being.

“Hu - man - ity
God - Man - United”

"Unlimited and Unbounded in the Oneness of Creation"

Now gathering expression as a great Chalice of Harmony, as the Crystal Sanctuary linking -

“Heaven on Earth in Unity in the Awesome Expression of Love”

Through Heavenly Grace of the Great Mother Divine and the Great Hierarchy of Beings, and most especially assigned Angels, the "Concept of the Crystal Sanctuary" is gently building a wondrous force-field of energy, resonating and linking around the whole world, in an Empowerment of Being, enabling a huge lift of the spiritual evolution of humanity. Bringing healing balm to the world and dynamically enlightening spirits as Co-Creators - assisting the highest potential for good. Coordinating with the Heavenly Realms, all in a sense of ‘common good’ - the "Concept" evolving now as the "Conception", in perfect attunement, " as above, so below" - resonating as.....

The Immaculate Crystal Sanctuary Resonating Gloriously in Love and Light
Celebrating the Music of the Spheres!

A binding together for the greater Expression of Love…“All the world is One"....All Resonating in Universal Love and Light....All actively engaged in bringing Heaven on Earth together with the Great Hierarchy of the Heavenly Hosts!

This will inspire Beings onto a higher course - as an Awakening, evolving soul with an adventurous spirit, becoming rejuvenated and refreshed, to bring abundance and good will on a truly magnificent and universal scale!

As the Prayer, the Work, the Love, and the Light unfolds, so the “Crystal Sanctuary” will resonate with even greater affinity with all life forms, - mineral, vegetable, animal, human angelic, galactic, etc.

All diverse cultures will assist in a common formula advancing the true essence that underpins and underlines all that is pure spirit. Actively harmonizing Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions in gentle attunement, allowing the generous unfolding acceptance of Nurturing Grace to bring to Fruition,

Unconditional Love - Completely in Pure - Peace in Perfection.

In this great Harmonizing of Spirit, the “Crystal Sanctuary” will grow to have an empowering role on all aspects of world issues and affairs, understanding that no decisions can ever have any force for good, unless they are firmly rooted in a purity of the Valiant Heart in great spiritual endeavor for the highest potential for good.

A multitude of dimensional issues will be assisted in this vast endeavor, as we become more highly evolved Beings on a world wide scale. So as massed consciousness becomes more creatively aware of the needs of our planet, - be it on a humanitarian, environmental, economic or political level, - the “Crystal Sanctuary’s” role will be central to this wisdom, in Joy and Renewal!

As this great credibility builds, the very foundation of having no boundaries of country, colour or creed, harmonizing diverse patterns in working together, so it will be purely advancing good-will with all mankind - truly

“Mankind as Kind-Man”
- one with another,

incorporative of purest spirituality - world-wide !

As the Concept of the Sacred work of the Sanctuary further develops, as a Beacon of Light for the world so there will be branches, - ‘outposts’ of earthly forms of the Crystal Sanctuary all around the planet -

“United in this expression of The Way of the Heart in pure Love and Light,
this universal appeal will have no boundaries whatsoever !”

Beyond doubt there will be an absolutely tremendous upsurge of Divine Energy co-relating with the Sacred Crystal Sanctuary in a New Beginning of sacred spiritual endeavor.

The Angelic Hosts together with Higher Authority are already resonating in this Truth as the “Crystal Sanctuary of the Higher Realms”, coordinating with our prayerfulness, their response, - transmitting and receiving most extraordinary assistance in this most

“Sacred Quest in the purity of Love and Light of Heavenly Grace “

A great pulse of *Spiritual Awareness is resonating from Angelic Host and Higher Authority, - their wondrous presence accelerating the rise of consciousness at this time. Not only, - but also these vibrations will extend out far beyond into depths and realms we presently know very precious little about. Realms of invisibility and Realms parallel with our planet Earth, as yet unknown to our limited,’ sophisticated’, technological knowledge, but nevertheless created, and these vibrations will resonate with the Highest Authority of the Heavenly Hosts, - for the most powerful potential for good with the most extraordinary work of the “Crystal Sanctuary”.

The Crystal Sanctuary is already established on a Celestial level in a sparkling pure pool of Love and Light.

The evolvement of the Crystal Sanctuary is presently taking place and its full manifestation will, in due course, come to Fruition on Earth in this New Millennium. (The illustration given at this time is simply a pre-course of the evolving enormity of the Crystal Sanctuary. More knowledge is presently unfolding from the Higher Realms and will be shared in due course).

All is in Divine Promise for bringing Heaven on Earth in a New Millennium of Love and Light!

Linked in Love and Light, the recognition of the Divinity is synonymous with all this most essential amazingly inspirational and most powerful - “Re -Source Energy”.

Through the Grace of God Almighty

With all Blessings,

Moreen Maria-Grace Rose (Spiritual Name)
Maureen Matthews


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