Amazing Grace Continues….


Truly Amazing Grace set with Heaven on Earth, was felt at the Grotto of the Sanctuary of the Mother Divine, Jersey on a most glorious summer’s day!

The Sanctuary was additionally blessed with the presence of the new first lady Bishop of the Catholic Church of the United Kingdom, who ministered Mass and gave us all Holy Communion. The Holy Eucharist was shared, and in heartfelt sacredness, tears of intense devotion and surrendering of Being and gratitude in the love of God, Creator of all, were experienced.

Adding to the momentum of the occasion, the complete set of Crystal Coloured Rosarys adorned the altar.

Words can hardly express the God given beauty of Nature, the delightful Grotto garden full of the fragrance and beauty of flowers surrounded by the serene song of birds, with the insight of the Angels presence, together with the Mother Divine on this day, a prelude to Holy Trinity, in reverence of the Holy Spirit, and all shared by a wondrous heavenly host….

May the prayerful purity that was engaged by all present, be carried by the Holy Ones near and far to bring this joy and renewal in peace and love for the world, now and forever.


Thanks be to God.