The Good News!

  Heart full Christmas Greetings !!


On Friday 20th December 2002 at the Sanctuary of the Great Mother Divine Rose around the Pool of Love and Light

Maureen was open in Healing Grace with the New Age Crystal rosary's of Joy and Renewal, Heaven on Earth and unconditional Love, for a Dear One present, during our World-Wide Prayer Link.

Heavenly Hosts of Angels and most Holy Ones drew present together with many Dear Ones who had passed on and who held great love and care for the Dear One needing the Healing Grace.

The Masters of the Rays came in attendance to help balance the chackras and uric field and a great deep sense of love was felt present in the name of Jesus with His Flaming Heart. With the Heavenly hosts continuing to draw in from far and near, there was a glorious sound of choirs and a great orchestra re-joy-sing in the 'Gloria'.

It may be more usual that the Heavenly Hosts draw near to bring their blessing, but on this occasion, it was felt that not only was this accomplished, but also the Holy Ones were open to receive Healing Grace from the Pool of 'Love and Light'. It felt as though Maureen was being used as a Bridge to give from,

Hu-man-ity    -    God-Man-United

to the Heavenly Host to link 'Heaven on Earth'. There was a great combination of Divine Energy to unite us all in tremendous Good Will, a huge and mighty expansion of love shining out and resonating in a dynamic pulse of divine Energy in Great 'Joy and Renewal'.

The whole room and far, far beyond was also bathed in a rosy glow and a sprinkling of golden glitter began falling.....


Maureen was moved to hold out her arms to give Healing Grace.......and felt then to her absolute wonder and awe, the presence of the most beautiful Jesus Christ as a baby being placed in her outstretched arms, and then drawn close to be held by her absolute devotion.


Tears upon tears streamed from her eyes in adoration and dedication and her heart was sensed to swell and expand to be enormously filled with Unconditional Love.

The Love overflowed as the chalice of the heart - 'Love floweth over' ......

Truly she felt deeply transformed and overflowing with pure love, bathed in sense of restoration and deep spiritual grace.

The Babe stayed some immeasurable time.....


As in our World-Wide Link of Prayer, Mother Earth was bathed in glorious Love.


'Heaven on Earth, Mankind as Kind Man, one to another - all is indeed well'.


All those who had linked from the Heavenly Realms grew and grew in a far greater mass of light, bathed in wondrous love and light magnificence. Truly a heart expanding grace!


And to bring all to a remarkable close at this Christmas Time, amidst all the singing and music, Our Lady came forward and held out her Heavenly Cloak for all, giving inspiration upliftment and tidings of Great Joy for Peace on Earth.


Thanks be to God


A M E N . . .

All Blessings,

Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureenís Spiritual Name)