The Good News!

  The Age of Aquarius begins on June 24th 2002 - Spiritual Awareness Day - !!

This Joyous News has been brought forward by Momentous Energies of Love and Light for Re-new-all !  Twenty-eight Masters of different Dimensions will be working at 100% capacity, with three New Masters coming into full Mastership on June 24th:-

Saint Theresa of Avila
Saint Catherine of Sienna
and Saint Clare.

All working towards bringing the purest form of spirituality in truth, to embrace the whole world.

There is also confirmation of the now, 12 Masters of the Rays, in full force-field focus !

Wondrously, also, at this precise time, there is the great movement of the Master Jesus elevated with Maitreya to be Joint Masters of the Realm. In this movement, many of the Higher Hierachy of Masters will be alighted to Higher Authority - all at this time !  We are on the Way !

Eighteen countries are opening as Portals, and now with 120,000 new Light Workers in place - higher frequencies will be co-ordinated down through Metatron - Lord Lanto - Divine Mother Mary - Masters to assist the purest energies of Higher Consciousness to be assimilated into the subconscious. There are people all over the world linking with this Momentous Momentum - "Mankind as Kindman" on this most special SPIRITUAL AWARENESS DAY - Mid-Summer's Day - June 24th 2002.

Assisting in the Concept:-

This is the Portal of Wonder and Awe - the great opportunity to focus in the flowering of a new culture of Peace and Harmony for the highest moral endeavour.

Link with us all prayerfully on Spiritual Awareness day and on each Friday through the whole year at 11.00am in Love and Light, and Peace and Harmony.

Grace for the whole world to be united in open heart and mind......

If you would like to have further information regarding this important and momentous news, then please write to me at:

The Sanctuary,
Rue de la Hambie,
St. Saviour,
Channel Islands

Or telephone me on +44 (0)1534 851503.

Below you will also find some special words received early in the morning on the inauguration of Spiritual Awareness Day, held at the Sanctuary on Midsummer's Day, 24th June 1997 - I hope they are meaningful for you.

With love and blessings,

For Spiritual Awareness Day

To designate a day named Spiritual Awareness Day
is a special moment in the history of mankind.
It will gradually take its place in the earthly calendar of the world.
Gently, and with Grace,
it will ease itself into the hearts and minds of many
and will bring a touch of Healing Balm to the planet.

Let this be a Prayer for this special inauguration:-

The time has come for Mankind to be more aware
of the need for Spiritual Grace and understanding:

Let us open hearts and minds
to the greatness and magnitude of our Creator God
and all the heavenly Realms.
Let us respect, acknowledge and revere
all of Creation and the principle of life itself.

We draw strength from God's greatness
and attune in Spirit and Love with all ones in prayer
around the world at this time,
that a wave of Love might engulf every soul
and every living thing on our Planet.

We send and receive

Thanks be to God

A M E N . . .