“Festival of the Universal Crystal Rosary of the New Golden Age”,

We gathered at “the Sanctuary”, on this most auspicious day, - celebrating the Festival of the Universal Crystal Rosary, truly, the most optimum day for all “the Sanctuary’s” work. This day of days was most particularly poignant, as this very day also marked the closure of twenty years of dedicated work in devotion of Our Lady Mary - the Great Mother Divine, as Her Emissary, to assist humanity as a bridge in bringing love and light in unity and peace for the whole world.

The day was beautifully warm and sunny, an exceptional day from sunrise to sunset. Some of those who had received blessings and healing over the many years arrived, to gather together in “the Sanctuary” grounds, to commemorate this most special occasion.

The twelve Universal Crystal Rosarys had very early in the morning, been set on a circle of sparkling blue material, with candles alight at each point of the Crystals, symbolising the Angels and the Children of Light on each Ray, each with their virtue, attribute and transformational light energy. The smaller Rosebud Universal Crystal Rosary was set between each of these, altogether creating a great pool of blue as a truly spectacular centrepiece of love and light, with the Golden cloth all around the edges, symbolic of the Divine protection given!

Set under the bright blue sky, all of nature seemed to be arrayed in her very best attire, the deep green of the lawns made a sumptuous background to the brilliant colours of the flowers and the abundant blossom of the trees. The sound of the little waterfall and fountain mingled with chirruping of the birds, and most especially a cooing dove centred right over our gathering circle of dear ones.

Amidst all this beauty and delight, we all sat on the grass in this circle in front of the grotto of the Mother Divine, quite enraptured!

There was a great sense of joy amongst us all, a sense indeed of celebration, in that it has been divinely revealed that all that could be achieved at “the Sanctuary” has duly been achieved, and gratitude and thankfulness given for the dedication and discipline of the disciple, by the Heavenly Realms.

But now, it was divinely declared, it was time to move on - as Our Lady had said - “The long pause is nearly over”, and that She would help with directions for the New Beginning - the new way ahead towards the Greater Sanctuary,- (that had been foreseen many years ago). However, a “holding place” for rest and restoration would be found, before the appointed place presently being etherically prepared by the Angels and Holy Ones, would be manifested here on the island. This would allow ideally spacious and most beautiful surroundings for the “Great Shrine of the Mother Divine of Peace”, to be created. This would also be the Sanctuary for the continuing work of the Universal Crystal Rosary as given in the Revelation of the Mother Divine, that would blossom out at a great time of awakening souls, resonating out in unity and compassion for the whole world……….

And so it was, that the importance of all this great portent was very much at the heart of our prayerfulness, as we linked in the great Concept :

Whilst in this prayerful state of altered awareness, it was sensed that masses upon masses of those in the Heavenly Realms drew near, reaching out way beyond the earthly borders of “the Sanctuary”, extending far, far away. Indeed there was a great strength of Holy Presence. It had already been known that over the many years of “the Sanctuary’s” work, around this special place of the Grotto, there actually was a circle as a great Pillar of Light, a portal to the Heavenly Realms, and this again was seen on this special day in altered awareness. Way above a blue Star was spinning around with silver rays pouring down toward ourselves, surrounding each one of us as we gathered here.

Further away from where we were it was recognised that there was the gaiety of dear little spirit children bobbing about with blue and silver balloons and releasing them up and away!

The Pillar of Light then formed into the Tree of Light, with deep roots acknowledging the grounding, nurturing and the feeding being given to strengthen all those in the circle. Then the branches of light grew from the centre, and offered spiritual grace and courage and upliftment, as though linking Heaven and Earth in Divine Unity.

“These precious moments spent in prayer, are received in Heaven with love and care”, was received by another at the gathering.

Our heartfelt prayers reached out for all those in distress, all those crying out in sorrow and pain, lost and afraid. In our hearts and minds, we linked in love and light to the leaders of the world to bring calm and harmony to war torn areas. All manner of love and care is held as always in our Golden Box for those particularly in need. At this time we also linked heartfully, prayerfully with the dear animal kingdom and with the plant life, and all of Mother Earth Herself to be held as in a “great chalice of harmony in nurturing grace”. After some time in quietness, we closed.

Then standing and linking with open hearts and minds and arms, one with another in most grateful thankfulness for all the blessings that have been given over all the many years of the Sanctuary’s work. A great sense of trusting and allowing a great New Beginning for the Greater Sanctuary would manifest at the appropriate time in accordance with the Great Mother Divine’s intention………..

After hugs, and a lovely feeling of shared grace between us all, from the Heavenly Realms, we moved to another part of the garden to enjoy eats and drinks, to remember and to look forward towards the “holding place” and the New Beginning in joy and renewal, wonder and awe.

--------Late in the evening I went down to the Grotto to light another candle to burn over- night. Our Lady - The Mother Divine’s statue was still in her beautiful blue and gold robe, which will be the colours adorning Her for “the Shrine of the Mother Divine of Peace in Jersey”.

I sat quietly awhile in the stillness on the stone bench, just appreciating the lovely scene….

To my great pleasure a perky little robin came very close by, picking moss for her nest, and somehow this came in my focus reminding me, that as she was preparing for new life, so we too are most heartfully preparing for the “New Beginnings” yet to come………

All Blessings. In Love and Light, as always

Moreen Maria-Grace Rose