Linking Heaven on Earth On the Eve of the First Journey as Emissary of Our Lady Mother Divine In Co-mission with the New Crystal Rosary


A most beautiful picture of the Mother Divine, with most serene and compassionate expression, attired in deep blue cloak, with pale blue gown - Maureen, dressed in a blue gown, surrounded by a brilliant golden light, stood with Our Lady to her right and Our Lord Jesus, in radiant white robe on her left.


Jesus said, “Whenever you speak heartfully of Me and My dear Mother, I will be there beside you and we will bring the words to help and guide you, assisting your speaking with Inspiration.”


 A song of “How wonderful, How marvellous is the Name of Jesus,” rang out in the Heavenly Realms of tremendous Joy!

Angels then appeared to represent each of the twelve Rosaries - each one fabulously attired in a shimmering chiffon gown appropriate to each colour of the Rosary! With a Special Angel appointed for each Rosary, these Angelic Ones may be called on for help whenever needed….. The Angel of Empowerment of Being (Ray Rosary) The Angel of New Beginnings The Angel of Unconditional Love The Angel of Liberation of Being (also Sea & Dolphins) The Angel of Heaven on Earth The Angel of Awakening Soul The Angel of Fruition - Awakened Soul in Maturity The Angel of Nurturing Grace The Angel of Chalice of Harmony The Angel of New Millenium of Love and Light The Angel of Valiant Heart The Angel of Joy and Renewal (two Angels working together)

A ‘Happy Band of Pilgrims’ was seen as we travelled with Jesus as “Our Saviour and Friend”. Again extraordinary great joy as the whole scene unfolded…… The Rosary that Margaret held - ‘The Rosary of the New Millenium in Love and Light’ became exceedingly hot - at this time Maureen was holding the ‘Heaven on Earth Rosary’ a ‘veil’ like a beautiful curtain came down, there was a heady smell of Jasmine and another glorious picture unfolded. The four Archangels were present - St. Michael with Valiant Sword, St. Raphael the Healer, Uriel with Torch of Light, and Jophiel, a scene of great upliftment and inspirational grace, as the 12 Masters of the Rays also stood vibrating in the Divine Rays of spectrum of light.

 With this circle were all dear Ones we prayed for, at the time. These wondrous insights of the Heavenly Realms, all bathed in Divine Radiance were expressions of “Joy and Re-new-all” indeed! We were absolutely de-light-ed with such blessed goodwill for the co-mission of the Rosary’s work - as Maureen is stepping out now, on her very first Journey as Emissary of Our Lady in Her intentions of Unity in Love and Light with the, “Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary Resonating in the Radiance Of the New Golden Age” - unfolding through the Grace of God. Our Lady then drew nearer and placed around us, and all the those in open heart and mind linked prayerfully and in healing grace at this time - Her wondrous cloak of Love and Light.

Our hearts overflowed with love and gratitude and devotion. July 19th 2002 11 a.m. World -wide prayer Linking in Love and Light.


Thanks Be To God.



All Blessings,

   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)