Sylvia’s experience and response during the 11 a.m. Friday morning world-wide prayer link 29th August 2003.

“I particularly felt moved to hold the ‘Star of Hope’ New Crystal Rosebud Rosary which I had been given with love, keeping one hand on the centre Tear-drop, whilst praying. After I had prayed earnestly for all things on my heart and all the special requests and situations as placed in the Golden Box of Prayer, I sat for some moments in stillness.

Suddenly, I was aware of a vibration and resonance within the Rosary in my hand… strong that I was prompted to hum out loud and match the resonance with my own. It felt deeply healing and comforting…

Continuing to sit in the silence the following words began to form and I was moved to tears:-


Energy is moving in sparklets of vibration

in response to your gentle prayings and beseechings

Trust and know that many miracles are manifesting

in a myriad of transformations.

As you breath in, in your prayerfulness,

see the breath of sparklets of light, radiating healing and cleansing

throughout your body.

When you breath in, in prayerfulness,

you breath in the Breath of God

in the mystery of Divine Love and Abundance.

When you hold the Rosarys’ in your prayerfulness,

they become attuned with the resonance and vibration

needed at that particular time to promote

and accentuate your inner healing.

Treat reverently the Rosarys

 for they are the Breath of God crystallised in physical form.