As the sap ascends within the trees;

as the mighty seas rise and fall;

as the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis

so will all come to fruition

in the Divine Rhythm of the Universe

Unseen to our eyes,

unheard to our ears

the Great Force moves

for the Highest Good.

Pray for this movement

and witness the miracles



In gratitude and gentle intercession the following word were received:



Sitting in earnest prayer

yet with ease and grace and power,

you access other dimensions

of the Healing Realms

Much activity takes place

during this time of silence

yet it appears that nothing has moved.

Trust and pray

and pray and trust

for such is the wonder

and miracle of prayer.



Grateful thanks was given for all the many blessings and answers to prayer already received. Many situations noted in our Golden Box of prayer including the world’s circumstances were all held most heartfully.



Such peace! Such incredible and depth of peace!

in communing in prayer.

Let your whole life flow as an infinite prayer

so that every move you make, every word you say

every breath that you breath

and every thought in your mind

flows with ease and grace, love and compassion

Let the fabric of your prayer life

create the substance of your physical life

so that your whole life becomes a creative, flowing

beautiful work of art.

You have a most special contribution to make

to this world which only you can give

and it makes a difference,

believe! that it makes ALL the difference.


We give grateful thankfulness for all these blessings through prayer.


As the pulse beats within your body

to a steady rhythm;

As the clock ticks away the minutes and hours;

As the sun moves across the sky,

So all your beseechings are being answered

and resolved in the rhythmic beating and timing

of the Divine Pulse.

Allow and let be.

As you cannot change the pace of time

Nor the sun and moon travelling in the sky,

So, you cannot over-ride the Lord’s resolvements and transformations

You have prayed.

God has answered.

And so it is.

Amen and Alellu