Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

Honouring in Love and Light


On our Friday 11.00am Prayer-Link on 28th June 2002 we were de-lighted to access the Heavenly Realms and discover a great honouring of all our prayers. Whilst holding the spiritual healing beads – the New Age Crystal Coloured Rosary’s of Harmony, and Heaven on Earth, we, at the Sanctuary, opened prayerfully in the Name of God, and through the Gracious Intercession of the Mother Divine of the Cosmos, linking in open heart and mind with the Angelic Kingdom and all those ones of the Great Spiritual Hierarchy who have been assisting through the Ages to bring a Higher Consciousness of being to Hu – man – ity . . . “God – man – united”.

At this most wondrous time, with the beginning of the “New Golden Age” on June 24th 2002 ‘Spiritual Awareness Day’, we were indeed aware of a tremendous joy as this most extraordinary scene unfolded in the Heavenly Realms, with angels playing golden harps heralding in beautiful music . . . .

Then, St. Teresa of Avila was seen as a very young beautiful woman, in her usual regalia of cream and brown nun’s attire, smiling so joyously, and surrounded by millions upon millions of rose petals in all shades of pink and red, floating down and around. We were informed that she is at this time called “Little Flower of Paradise”, and that all these petals were representative of all the

honouring all, with blessings on a world-wide scale in the link of ‘Love and Light’ prayerfully.

Kadoish - Kadoish – Kadoish was being sung whilst this beautiful scene unfolded and with a great fragrance of roses, amongst all these glorious rose petals becoming quite thick on the ground !

Saint Francis was then seen, as a very young man, in his monk robes, at this time with a small round ‘cap’ on his head. Birds were singing and seen everywhere, particularly focusing on a bird bath where Saint Francis was standing in total serenity. The colours were intensely bright, trees brilliant green, and flowers fabulously coloured – a most idyllic sight!

We were delighted at this time for there to be a gap . . . when the lovely song of a little wren was distinctly heard in the Sanctuary garden, as though tuning in with everything on this occasion!

Neither St. Catherine of Sienna, nor Saint Clare were seen at this time – the two other Masters coming into full Mastership on June 24th, but the now twelve Masters of the Rays have been seen in full wondrous vibrating of colours.

We offer you this insight in response to all our prayers, to bring hope and heart, that so many linking with us all added to the tremendous wave of Divine Energy in love and blessings around our Mother Earth.

Please continue to link prayerfully each Friday at 11.00am. Each one of us is a Light along ‘The Way’ to add to the World-wide link and in knowing that all our prayer brings Harmony to unite Humanity in Heaven on Earth = “Mankind as Kindman”

with All Blessings,

   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)
Thank You. The Angels are smiling!