Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

May 2nd, 2003

Our Novena Response

We opened our circle of Love and Light to link around the world, as usual, 11 a.m. Friday 2nd May most prayerfully.  Then calmly and gently our whole beings became more settled as we sensitively harmonised our chakras in ease and grace to bring balance, within each of us and then out to the world.  Margaret was able to speak out while seeing in altered state of awareness “the most wondrous happenings”.  We were able to sense the great joy as all unfolded.  Wondrous words, as speaking in Tongues were first given in a Jewish type of language and (Aramaic?). The Masters of the Rays were present as usual. 

Our Lady, The Mother Divine then appeared, amidst a heavenly host and said “The Crystal Rosarys are pulsating around the world. More dear souls will join in with you----“  A wonderful singing in Tongues then occurred to our great delight!  Our Lady then asked for the Crystal Rosarys to be literally held up to the Light, She said “They will be held in high esteem”.  Wondrous singing then proceeded again! 

Jesus then came on the scene, showing two gates - one narrow, one wide.   Many were rushing for the wide gate but Jesus said “The narrow is the way to paradise.”  Wonderful music was heard by Margaret and again she sung out in  Tongues with great gusto.  Jesus then said “The Cup is the Chalice of My Love.”  The Cup was shown with the Rosary of Joy and Renewal encircling the rim.  Mother Mary stood smiling all this time.  There was more singing in Tongues and then in English, “Angels of the Lord” rang out. 

In closing Our Lady’s Cloak was spread out to encircle us all and all those in open heart and mind who were linking in prayerfully at this time and all those around the whole world, -indeed multitudes were given Love and Light and Blessings.  We gave our most heart-full thank-fulness for All these most profound Blessings on this, Our Day of Novena.

Thanks be to God.