Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

February 6th, 2004



I lifted up all ones and situations in the Golden Boxes of Prayer for blessings and resolvements according to their needs

 and for all else on my heart and causing concern.

After asking the Holy Spirit to intercede for me and strengthen my prayers, I found myself singing out in a beautiful spiritual language. After this had subsided, I felt a rush of dynamic and wonderful pulsing and energy….extremely powerful yet joyful. In the quiet space following, these words flowed:

In the extraordinary rhythm and dynamism
of the beating of the Universe,
your prayer requests
are receiving dynamic transformations.

In the allowing open-ness
of your evolving prayerfulness,
all manner of miracles
are opening up.

Be always alert
to the prompting of the Holy Spirit
and follow the heart messages
that you receive in this way.

Be greatly encouraged
and grow in strength, vigour,
grace and love.

I am happy to share this with you.