Response to the World-Wide Prayer Link May 7th, 2004

Divine Light

As the flowers of the earth
receive nourishment and sustenance
through sun and rain, wind and storms,
and are always striving towards the Light…
so each one of you, in your own unique
situation, and seeking that Divine Light,
will be nurtured and guided through
all aspects of life.

With the sunlight come shadows
with the winter come storms
and with spring comes new life,
new hope, fresh blessings.

Seek The Light - seek laughter and joy
and even in the adversities of life,
The Light will shine to reveal
untold blessings and jewels
of great brightness.


Trust, Allow & Give Thanks

In the midst of the dark
burdensome areas of life
are oases of light and rest,
peace and refreshment.

Each cloud has a silver lining.
Each challenge and difficulty
has within it a treasure
and a gift.

Look to the Heavenly Realms
for guidance and insight
and it will surely come.

Give daily blessings and
gratitude, and allow God space
to manoeuvre through your life.

Trust! Allow! Give thanks!