Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

May 17th 2002


The Rosary of Joy & Renewal


Sylvia wore the Rosary of Joy & Renewal in prayer for the very first time. During the quiet time afterwards, she felt very distinctly that she must take the Rosary off and hold it in her hands. The following words were given:


You hold in your hands a priceless tool.

An exquisite jewel.

 Created by human hand

Through Divine Instruction.


 The Rosary of Joy & Renewal

 Is indeed a joy to behold.

As the eyes delight

 In the colour and radiance,

So the soul absorbs

 The Divine qualities

Encoded in the very structure

Of this wondrous tool.


 Use it lovingly.

 Use if prayerfully.

Use it thankfully.

 Use if joyfully.


 It will bring healing and comfort,

 Upliftment and renewing

Throughout the Universe.




All Blessings,

   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureenís Spiritual Name)