Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

February 27th, 2004


The Inspiring Experience of the Chalice of Harmony Rosary


Before beginning our prayer time, a small table was prepared with care and simplicity in the normal way observing the gentle lay out of a lighted candle in a holder depicting St. Francis, the Golden Box of prayer requests, a picture of Our Lady and the beautiful Chalice of Harmony Rosary. Becoming well centred, I was then struck by the particular way the light shining through the window illuminated the beautiful picture of Our Lady and the Rosary bringing out the gentle but remarkable colour of the soft green and palest turquoise which was so immensely comforting. The Rosary then seemed to be filled with such energy that it was visible to my eyes as a fine mist.

As I prayed through all the requests and concerns on my heart, giving thanks and gratitude also, there seemed to be an energy from the Golden Box which melded with the energy from the Rosary, forming a powerful resonance. It lasted timeless moments, then gradually ascended heavenward.

Sitting in this extraordinary and almost fragranceful energy, the following words were gently formed.

“The vision, experience and sensation are sufficient and need no wordful explanation.
Accept! Trust! and Allow! and KNOW that all is transforming in the timeless motion of the overall Divine Orchestration.”

All is shared with you in the hope that it will encourage and bless you.