Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

January 30th, 2004


Sylvia and Maureen met together in Sylvia’s home to encourage one another, share current situations and to honour the Friday World Wide Prayer Link. After preparing a simple table as a small altar, with our Golden Box of Prayer, Our Lady’s picture, a candle and Rosaries, Maureen opened in prayer to Our Lord and the Angels and was open to be led in whichever way the prayerfulness should evolve. We felt surrounded and sustained by Angelic Ones, and Maureen’s words flowed in prayer for the world, the countries and leaders of the world, justice and peace, the special situations held in all of the Golden Boxes of Prayer, and finally to our own beings and Sylvia’s health.

At this point in her prayerfulness, Maureen felt moved to stand close to Sylvia and lay hands on her, and Sylvia felt tremendous warmth and comfort flooding her being, and as if a soft healing cloak had enfolded her. Maureen wore the ‘Chalice of Harmony’ Rosary and gave to Sylvia, very specially to hold, the ‘Valiant Spirit’ Rosary. When Maureen prayed for the strength of the Valiant Spirit to assist Sylvia, immediately Sylvia felt a great strength and as though she held a sword of unlimited power in her right hand. We felt that we had each received a very deep healing and there seemed to be a wondrous sense of anticipation, joyfulness and the feeling of ‘being on the brink’ of evolving miracles. Maureen had arrived with news of an incredible possibility, and our experience together seemed to create a bridge for something wonderful to manifest from that possibility.

We gave our grateful thanks for all that had been given and then spent some moments in quiet contemplation and appreciation. Sylvia then received the following words:- From the simplicity and earnestness of your intense prayerfulness, evolvements of great magnitude are occurring. Be alert to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and flow with the intuition given. You are richly blessed beyond measure. We share this experience with you to encourage you to pray together, for one another, and to be open to the prompting of the Lord and the Angels to direct your prayers. After all, Jesus said “When two or more are gathered together in My Name, I am there in their midst.”


Blessings, Maureen and Sylvia.