Friday Prayer Link - 21st February 2003

After a time of expressing gratitude for blessings received, I prayed, as usual, for all the ones and situations held in my special Golden Box of Prayer and then went on to bring before God all the war torn places of the world and the un-ease and discord among the nations.

I felt a heaviness as I sat in the stillness afterwards and then I was shown a picture of all that I had prayed for being in the form of cocoons. All the contents of the cocoons were at different stages. Some were struggling hard to emerge from their tight cocoons, others had already freed themselves and were beautiful butterflies of wondrous colours, still shining and wet. Yet others were in the silent, still, unmoving form, waiting for the right moment. As I stayed with the picture in the silence, the following words came:


You are surrounded by media news focusing on problems, tragedies and seemingly insurmountable confrontations - yet the light is shining through and transformations are occurring.

It is as though mankind is caught in a huge chrysalis state of entrapped lack of heart, yet the blue-print for transformation has engaged and the process is in motion for the emergence of the beautiful butterflies of peace and perfection in due time and place.

Take heart and be encouraged.

Your prayers are part of the chrysalis transformation.


Blessings, Sylvia