The Sanctuary of the Great Mother Divine Rose

World-Wide Prayer Link January 24th 2002

I felt drawn to hold the beautiful blue-green ‘Liberation of Being’ Rosary during my prayer time. As I held all the requests on my heart and in the Golden Box of Prayer, it seemed as though all those requests became as seeds scattered far and wide, and then the picture broadened to allow me to see what those seeds had become and there were tiny meadow flowers, large bushes, exotic orchids and mighty trees and many others of all shapes and sizes.

The following words then flowed:

Your prayers are like seeds scattered and sown

in the Divine soil of the Heavenly Realms.

Some you may forget having prayed,

especially the tiny arrow prayers

directed at needy ones observed during your journeying.

Each prayer seed in due time germinates

and the seedlings grow and flourish.

Some become tiny bright flowers of the meadow,

some thick, sturdy bushes, others exotic orchids,

and yet others, mighty trees.

Each one grows according to its Divine Potential.

Constant prayer is then like rain and sunshine

ensuring ongoing growth and nurturing,

and bringing also fresh seeds into germination.

Prayer is the Divine Breath of the Universe

keeping Love, Light and Life

flowing and growing.


A beautiful deep silence followed these words and seemed to emphasise the incredible way that Nature has of an incomprehensible cycle of silent creating, growing and blossoming.


Shared in love, Sylvia


All Blessings,
   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)