Friday Prayer Link - 21st March 2003


I felt moved to hold the beautiful ‘Heaven on Earth’ Rosary during my prayer time. After giving grateful thanks for the many blessings and answers to prayer received, I prayed afresh for all ones and situations in my Golden Box of prayer. When I came to the world situation of war I just couldn’t find adequate words and so asked the Holy Spirit to intercede for me, as we are instructed in the Bible. A wonderful spiritual language flowed from my lips and I prayed from the depths of my heart. I was then given the following words:


You sit in your quiet space

reaching out to the Great Living God

beseeching assistance for Mother Earth and mankind

in the warring situations of the world.

You sit in your quiet space

and you do reach out to your God

and to all the people of the world praying earnestly

as you are, for peace and harmony.

Each prayer that is prayed

brings another ray of light, another wave of energy

to assist in the healing of Mother earth.

Your prayers are like strands

in a world wide tapestry

and each strand has a vital place in the final picture.

Hold fast to the Truth

that God is Love, God is Light and God is Life.

Trust and pray and keep on trusting and praying.


I was shown a picture of the Heaven on Earth Rosary circling the world

Blessings, Sylvia