The Sanctuary of the Great Mother Divine Rose

World-Wide Prayer Link October 25th 2002


As always we opened up most prayerfully in the presence of the Masters of the Rays, beginning by centering our whole beings with all chackras becoming gently attuned - harmonizing mind, body, emotions and spirit.

In the centre was our "Pool of Blue" with our candles lit and all 12 Crystal Coloured Rosarys placed in the circle. We held the Unconditional Love and Joy and Renewal Rosarys...

Then these important words were given as flowing from a 'text-like' message....


"As a Mother awaits eagerly for the birth of a child, in anticipation and patience, so when the time is right, all Heaven will rejoice with Earth, in all that will come to pass....The Crystal Rosarys and the Crystal Sanctuary."


It was also given The Rosarys of 'Joy and Re-new-all' will be assisting Churches in bringing back their congregations.

The Crystal Rosarys were then seen as garlands held in place by the Angels linking around the whole world, in the prayerful intention of Peace and Goodwill."


Thanks be to God.


All Blessings,
   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureenís Spiritual Name)