The Sanctuary of the Great Mother Divine Rose

World-Wide Prayer Link  September 27th 2002


Opening most prayerfully with the "Joy and Renewal Rosary" and the "Liberation of Being Rosary".

We felt bathed in Love and Light as the vibration of Our Lady the Mother Divine was felt within the deep, deep pink Rose enfolding us all.


Beautiful dew drops were dripping Light as Our Lord said, "I will sprinkle the dew of My Love upon you."


The scene changed as in very strong light, lovely and so bright, two beautiful hands were seen holding a Chalice Cup. Looking within, there was seen the whole world in a cocoon of New Life.


Then the voice of the Lord, "Given in Love - receive in Love my Light for you. The Kingdom of Peace is the Sanctuary within you".

Wondrously, a tall pillar of light with a red flame burning appeared.

And Jesus said, "The Flame of My Love will never be extinguished."


The 12 Masters of the Rays were seen with streams of light pouring out from their upturned palms. All was momentously beautiful, as Our Lady's Cloak of Love and Light was placed around us all, enclosing us in peace.


Thanks be to God


All Blessings,
   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureenís Spiritual Name)