Spiritual Awareness Day 2003


To designate a day

named Spiritual Awareness Day

is a special moment in the History of Mankind

It will gradually take its place

in the earthly calendar of the world.

Gently, and with Grace

it will ease itself into the hearts and minds of many

and will bring a touch of Healing Balm to the planet.




It is the absolute Heartfelt desire of the Holy Ones that this “CLARION CALL FOR PEACE AND LOVE” should resonate around our Planet as the balm of purity - as the hearts and minds of all Beings of all Beliefs, open, ever more fully in prayerfullness.

In Surrendering our Beings to the Highest Good, we may in compassion and service for all, come ever closer to Unconditional Love, that great forcefield of Divine Energy to empower the whole Earth.

All Ones are asked to link in Purity of Heart and Mind, with all the Great Hierarchy of the Holy Ones, - Our Creator - God, The Great Masters of the Rays, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Angels, and all the great “Beings of Light” in the Heavenly Realms - through the Gracious Intercession of Our Lady - The ‘Mother Divine’ Energy of the Cosmos.

“LINK IN LOVE AND LIGHT” as an uplifting song of the heart, to enfold the sweet Earth ever closer to Heaven, with the Blessing of the Sacred Crystal Rosary in the Concept:-

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions


Millions of Minutes of Prayer”

May ALL be enriched in the Abundance of Light, in this ‘Great Communication Pulse” through the Way of the Heart as the Divine Plan evolves ever more fully in bringing Heaven on Earth.


It may be that this format for a past Spiritual Awareness Day may be helpful and inspirational in preparing for you to link in with us all prayerfully here at the Sanctuary, St. Saviour, Jersey, C.I.

“It was the most magical and sunshiny day and the Sanctuary garden looked absolutely beautiful; there was a gentle sound of flowing water as the little fountain splashed into the pool and the songs of birds were all around us. The day had been lovingly prepared with garlands and ribbons on the trees and little floating candles in the pond, and by inviting a group of very caring friends to link in Love and Light, acclaiming this day of Spiritual Awareness for bringing healing to Mother Earth and all in need at this time.

We opened most prayerfully calling on the guidance of the Holy Ones at this time. First sensing balancing of our own chakras and then prayerfully harmonising one with another.

Prayerfully we extended our thoughts and energies to all around the world, spiralling outwards to include a manifestation of the Love of God for humanity, the animal kingdom, vegetable and mineral right through to Mother Earth herself, all bathed in Healing Grace, and then through the chakras of the Earth, creating a vibrance coloured like a rainbow for perfect harmony and grace. Then spiralling outwards into our universe and universes beyond through the Love of God. Silently, we again visualised pure love and light bathing all. After some time in prayerfullness we began to draw ourselves back to this lovely place, the Sanctuary, and closed in deep gratitude.

As we sat in a circle on the grass all present felt the loving, caring and sharing of the group energies and many experienced heartful responses whilst in prayer.

Later each one described how they felt and perceived the prayerful time which was led in a heartful way. Certainly there was a feeling of much healing being sent around us as a group, and then a powerful surge of the combined energies of all present, circling out around the world in a great and most powerful sense of unity and lovefullness.

Holy water was shared in glasses decorated with a strawberry and there was a time for talking and sharing and joy and tears in easy companionship.

Each one had brought a contribution towards a meal which was described as an Agapé Feast as mentioned in the Bible and sometimes called “a love meal….” as in Universal Unconditional Love.

Before leaving each of us received a candle and an Angel card chosen, the particular angel seemingly meaningful and appropriate for each one of us.

The following words were given amongst the many experiences……


You know of God’s Grace which brings many miracles into your lives;

there is also the Angel’s Grace which brings easing and balancing

to the body, refreshment to the soul, and healing to the mind.

Call upon the Angels for this special Grace at any time of need.

You have been touched by the Angels’ Grace

on this most Special Day.


We do so hope and pray that you will continue to link with us prayerfully on Spiritual Awareness Day June 24th each and every year, and also at our 11 a.m. world-wide prayer link in the unity of Love and Light.

With All Blessings.

 Moreen Maria-Grace Rose