These “Inspirational Words” are the most recent response to our Prayer-time, from four volumes of wondrous words given over many, many years that we have been linked in devoted prayerfulness.






Every prayer that you breathe, think, speak or write

brings Light into the world.

Every prayer that you pray

opens the possibility for miracles and


Every prayer that you pray is recorded

in the ethers of the Heavenly Realms.


Every prayer that you pray is heard

and answered.

Take care then in your praying.

Let the Holy Spirit guide and direct

your prayerfulness.


Prayer begins a sequence of movements

which culminate in manifestation.

Choose carefully your words and thoughts

and take time….

save when in peril and danger.

Above all - be encouraged.

Be zealous and take your place

among the millions of prayer workers

spreading Light

throughout the Universe





The Universe contains aspects of both

the seen and the unseen.

God is unseen, yet you trust and pray,

knowing in your heart

that He is Love and Truth.

In human living also

are the aspects of the seen and the unseen.

Cultivate your prayer life

that the unseen aspect of your life

becomes richer and stronger.

The deep eternal flame of the soul

will shine with a greater radiance,

over-lighting your own being

and those around you.

Be as beacons of light

in God’s needing world.





Pour out your soul.

Pour out your anguish.

Pour out your joy and gratitude.

Let your breath

flow out in prayer

with all that is in your heart and mind.


All will be received .

All will mingle…..

the tears and joy,

the pain and anguish.

All will be resolved

and transformed

in the fullness of God’s timing.

The outpouring of the soul

in Divine Prayer

is a healing process.

It is an Eternal Divine Equation

that man is communion with God

equals the Peace

beyond understanding.


Divine Breath of Life

Breathe in the breath of life.

Breathe in the breath of God.

Breathe in the wondrous air

purified with the Love and Intelligence of God

in answer to prayerful beseechings.

Breathe of this air

and know in your heart

that a transmutation to a finer substance

of Purity and Love

has taken place.

Thus, all who breathe

of these Divinely transformed ethers

will take in a measure of the essence of God

to illumine and soften their hearts.

Countless more hearts and minds

will be opening to the Love and Knowledge

of God

around and through the Universe.

Pray with the breath and

honour the breath.




The world is changing.

People are changing.

The air is changing.

Nature is changing.


All is in transition and attunement

at a higher level that only certain ones

will access and understand.

Your prayers are assisting

in this transformational time.

Continue in prayer.

Continue in praise.

Continue in Joy and Renewal.





The Rosary of Joy and Renewal

Sylvia wore the Rosary of Joy & Renewal in prayer for the very first time.

During the quiet time afterwards, she felt very distinctly that she must take

the Rosary off and hold it in her hands.

The following words were given:

You hold in your hands

a priceless tool.

An exquisite jewel.

Created by human hand

through Divine Instruction.

The Rosary of Joy & Renewal

is indeed a joy to behold.

As the eyes delight

in the colour and radiance,

so the soul absorbs

the Divine qualities

encoded in the very structure

of this wondrous tool.

Use it lovingly.

Use it prayerfully.

Use it thankfully.

Use it joyfully.

It will bring healing and comfort,

upliftment and renewing

throughout the Universe.






is like a wondrous Divine Jewel which shines never-

ending facets on those who pray with sincerity, love

and devotion.

The beautiful Crystal Coloured Rosary is, itself,

a facet of this Divine Jewel.

All prayers and all facets make up threads and

colours in the mysterious and wonderful pictures

of life.





Prayer is as vital as breathing.

Just as the breath brings about transformation

within the body,

so….prayer brings about transformation

in situations and circumstances,

and human beings themselves.


Always seek the highest good

for the ones you hold in prayer.

It is not necessary to specify the details

and precise outcome.


Simply ask that God’s plan and purpose

be fulfilled for the one held in prayer

and the situation needing assistance….


release and allow God to create the miracles

and perfect His work





Through prayer you initiate a sequence of Divine Events.  Take care then, how you pray and what you request.  Once begun, the sequence continues until the Divine Outcome is fulfilled.





Allow yourself to remain

in that state of expansion of time and space

that comes from being transparently honest

and free in My Presence.


Allow yourself to experience fully

that floating freedom from chores

and mundane pressures.


In your human mind

you have gone beyond time.

Enjoy and remain in that blissful state

and sense the healing flowing through your being.


Remain for as long as feels right for you

and then gently return to your  centre

and feel yourself grounded

in your familiar surroundings.


You have been vastly and richly blessed

and you may return to this Divine Space

whenever you pray deeply from the heart

in sincere and earnest desire for My Healing Presence.




All Blessings,
   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)