The Precious Words

Sylvia and Moreen were together at the Sanctuary in a most special time of prayer which was both peaceful yet joyful and where a huge amount of activity in response to our prayers was sensed. We were greatly strengthened and revitalised from this exquisite time of prayer where much healing and revitalisation was given. The following most special words were graciously given about the collection of “Inspirational Words” that have been accumulated over the years that we have been meeting together in prayer-fullness.

These “Precious Words” are like stars of light

and nurturing seeds of grace

to bring earth and heaven closer together.


The stars of light lift the consciousness

of those reading the words

and the nurturing seeds of grace

ground the being

in Mother Earth’s love and caring.


Embrace the words.

Protect the words

yet share widely the words

for they are Divine Jewels!


Thanks be to God.