The New Golden Age
Spiritual Awareness Day – June 24th 2002

The Midsummer’s Day Gathering at the Sanctuary, Jersey, Channel Isles

The Sanctuary was beautifully decorated with ribbons on trees, and garlands of flowers around the Grotto of Our Lady, floating rose-petals on the pond and all manner of colour and abundance of a beautiful garden scene on a sunny day in June . . . . . .

A circle of twelve seats on the lawn was set around the centre-piece of all the twelve New Crystal Coloured Rosary’s for the New Golden Age, radiating out from a blue bowl of Holy Water, with floating flowers and tiny dove feathers. A red glowing candle was also set in the circle – all symbolic of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, as were special crystals – a radiant picture of the “Concept” – the whole earth surrounded by praying people linked in ‘Love and Light’ . . . .

We began with the “Good News” – now twelve Masters of the Rays in full force-field of energy – the first time for 15,000 years ! – and on this very day !!

Three new Masters coming into full Mastership to assist a new spiritual unity of Religion ! – And, amazingly, Jesus moving to the elevated position of Joint Masters of the Realm with the Lord Maitreya !

And – a great movement of all the Hierarchy of Masters – all at this time !

A Truly Momentous TIME on a COSMIC LEVEL . . . . .

For our part, we know of at least seven countries connecting in our Friday 11.00am local time Prayer Link for a focus of a wave of energy to assist

“Mankind as Kindman” on a world-wide scale.

and on this special Spiritual Awareness Day, for a “New Culture of Peace and Harmony”.

With open hearts and open minds we linked to say special prayers in the “Unity of Love and Light”:

Our Beloved Creator God, in the Radiance of Love and Light,
as a Spark of whom we came,
and to whom we will return,
we give Glory, Praise and Honour.
Uphold us in Thy Divine Blessings,

Empower us in Thy Peacefulness, and,
attuned in Thy Stillness,
may we surrender in “Thy Will be Done”.


Hail Mary, full of Grace,
Our Beloved Mother Divine
we pray you infuse your Rays of Spiritual Grace
to illuminate our souls,
and then radiate out to enfold the whole Earth,
and thence, the entire Universe.

In all Great Blessings
A M E N.


Breathe on us, Breath of God.
Fill us with the Peace of Thy Presence
that, so strengthened, and being calm and well centred,
we may add Light on the “Way”
for others with Love.

In Thy Holy Name
A M E N.


Our beloved Queen of the Angels
and the Heavenly Hosts,
unite all ‘Man-kind as Kind-man’,
in prayerful compassion for one another,
enfolded within your cloak of heavenly Grace.

May Prayer become the healing Balm of the World
now and forever.
A M E N.

We then began the “Spiritual Awareness Meditation”, centring our Beings by Divine Light flooding our chakras, calmly and gently in Healing Grace. We then expanded out our visualisation to see one another “Mankind as Kindman” in open heart, assisted by Angels, linked into the new light centres around the Earth and resonating in Love and Light, towards world leaders mindful of peace and harmony. Linking out then in great kindness to the Animal Kingdom . . . out to all of Mother Nature, from great rainforests to smallest little flowers, wholesome food and environmental purity . . . then on to the Mineral Kingdom and the whole substance of the Earth herself. Even expanding out to the planets and the Holy Infinite Universe . . . all enveloped in “Love and Light as the Healing Grace of God – Creator of All”.

Many present were aware with different insights, of beautiful opalescent colours – symbols of unknown origin – a flowering of energy around the crown and brow – brilliant white light extending out as though we were inside a beautiful Crown, also a strenthening of the heart chakra and a link of Divine Energy between each one of us present.

A blessing of seeing our Lord Jesus and Mary and the Holy Spirit was felt by a few individually.

We were all moved.

We ended by singing “Breathe on me Breath of God” all together and a little word of gratitude, or prayer, from each one. Hugs were given all round the circle … heartfelt hugs indeed of Joy . . .

Refreshment was offered in the form of glasses of sparkling water beautifully garnished with strawberries . . . a truly heartfelt gathering of great Joy and Re-new-all !

in Peace for the World – “Mankind as Kindman”

with all blessings

   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)

The Sanctuary, Rue de la Hambie, St. Saviour, Jersey JE2 7UQ