Response to our World-wide Prayer-Link with the Heavenly Realms

The Festival of the Rosaries

Whitsunday, 19th May 2002


Gathering at The Sanctuary on Whitsunday 19th May 2002 For the Festival of the Rosaries Maureen invited special Ones to join her in the Sanctuary for a Celebration of the Rosaries in Honour of Our Lady, and an honouring also of the work they have been co-missioned to do.


Maureen had prepared everything beautifully with roses around the Grotto, floating flowers in the water of the pond, ribbons in the trees. The statue of Our Lady was wonderfully adorned in gold and surrounded by white lilies. The twelve Rosaries radiated from a special circular centre-piece as a ‘pool of blue’. Candles were also burning around the centre….a blue light in honour of Our Lady and a red one for the Holy Spirit since today was also Whitsunday, when we remembered Jesus breathing the Holy Spirit into the disciples and then tongues of flame coming down.


Since Maureen was Divinely prompted to create the first crystal coloured Rosary, eleven others have come into being during the months and years following. The twelfth and most recent Rosary, literally just created - “The Rosary of Joy and Renewal” - relating particularly to, and in honour of, Lady Mary, seems to have completed the cycle.


 The weather was perfect and we sat in a circle in the Sanctuary garden with the sounds of nature all around us and the music of the running water. We were nine and included ones from America, Australia, Spain and Scotland, although, unknowingly, twelve places had been set. Maureen led us in the prayers of the Rosaries. Special booklets had been prepared so that we could join together and say out loud the Rosary prayers - the first time they had been used in a gathering in this way. Maureen then continued with a prayerful meditation bringing light through the chakras and on to prayers for the whole of the earth, mankind, animals and mineral kingdoms.


We were extremely conscious of the movement of nature, with bird calls, flapping of dove wings, rustling of leaves and branches, the wonderful flowers of the eucalyptus tree bursting open and dropping little caps onto the circle, butterflies fluttering, and even a cockerel joining in. The heat of the sun became quite intense, to add to the experience of wonderful beauty and abundance.


 Each member of the group related something of what they had felt and sensed during the ceremony:- Margaret felt that Our Lady emerged from the Grotto and she saw the Master of the Rays in their full colour regalia. She also saw the twelve disciples, and it was made known to her that the twelve Rosaries represented the disciples, and they too, would go out into the world to spread “The Good News!”.



 Margaret saw Jesus standing by the praying hands statue in the centre-piece and He was directing the Holy Spirit on each one present, in the form of a Dove.



We were all in wonder and awe of the momentum of such Divine Grace.

Amongst those present, Leanne felt herself linked to her higher self for the very first time.

 Luis saw rainbows all around him and felt great peace.

Julia felt she was being prepared for becoming clairvoyant.

Each one felt great peace and a unity of energy between us all.


Maureen felt greatly uplifted, encouraged and empowered to continue her work - most especially as



Our Lady Mary has said,  “The Rosaries are the Jewels of Heaven”.



Sylvia also felt the Holy Spirit being administered to each one and saw rainbows around each being and also one huge rainbow around the whole gathering. She received these few words:-



In simplicity & grace has the Holy Spirit been breathed into each one. In simplicity & grace has

 your meditation touched the whole of the earth.



We joined hands in a circle and sang “All things bright and beautiful” and each one said a tiny prayer of gratitude and then we all exchanged hugs, one with another……..


A truly momentous occasion which Maureen felt marked twenty years of work, and emotional and personal giving and surrender, and was the closure of this part of her journey - whilst being profoundly aware of a Mystery of a New Beginning - as Our Lady has said “It is now time to spread your wings!”


All Blessings,

   Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)