The Sacred Universal Crystal Rosary™ resonates on a higher frequency because it is the authentic representation of the primary octave/vibrational energies of all life in all its forums, in perfect attunement. As such, it is a tool of Divine Order, helping attunement to unlock/unleash, as yet unknown Truths, Harmony and Healing, Peace and Power, by touching the Manifesting Divine Energy of the Universe.

As the Universal Crystal Rosary initiates, collates and transmits an intense natural vibration that is amplified by the very character of the layout, it is a matter of attuning to this frequency of `powerhouse'. When a receiver can attune to the frequency emitted, the process of balance, enabling transmission, occurs, allowing all the characteristics of the emitting source to be accessed by the receiving source. A great manifestation and amplifying power may be accessed -- opening new information, ideas, mysteries, and the healing rays for mind, body, emotional and spiritual `wellbeing' - personal empowerment - Earth enrichment, Universal aspects, etc, etc, etc.

As in accordance with the Supreme Laws of the Universe, attunement may be accessed to this Divine Energy by heartfelt prayerful centering of one's Being, in relation to the Highest Good. This allows an altered state of awareness/consciousness to be calmly and gently and attentively maintained.

  Using the Universal Crystal Rosary in Prayer and Meditation.
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  History and Mystery
  Inspirational Words (updated 02/05/06)
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