Given through the Revelation of the Mother Divine, pioneering a resonance divinely attuned to strengthen intuition and develop inner grace, talents and gifts. Encoded as a catalyst to bring forth harmony and healing and spiritual developments in touch with the Heavenly Realms. Each Universal Crystal Rosary has an assigned Angel, Virtue and Attribute, and accordingly, resonate with particular needs of our Being and thence radiates out in Universal Love and Light to Mankind as Kind-man, on a world-wide scale in unity and peace.  

Amidst the chaos and turbulence
in the world and events around you and within you
the Rosarys are quietly undertaking their work.

Each one, in its space and place
is gently yet powerfully emitting its particular
vibrations and energies
to assist those who are near.

Bless the Rosarys in your prayers
and hold them close when in trauma or disquiet.

 These exquisite Jewels of Divine Radiance
are establishing their place in society
and silently evolving their Ministry.

 They shall be etched and recorded
in the History of Mankind.  

Divine Inspirational Words as given in response to prayer, with the Universal Crystal Rosary in our world-wide link.